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Bronz-Glow Technologies, Inc. Your Corrosion Solution Since 1984.


Factory In-House Coating Services: For Industrial and Residential Equipment.



Bronz-Glow applies its own line of proprietary corrosion preventive coatings.  We apply these products to hundreds of HVAC/R systems and replacement coils each month.    Manufacturers including Trane, JCI/York, Daikin McQuay, Lennox International, Heatcraft, Cospolich, Southeastern Coolers, Wine Cellar Systems, Bosch/FHP, and others send coils or equipment to us for processing.


  Bronz-Glow’s capabilities are not limited to coating coils only.  We are a full service aftermarket coating company.   This means, we receive manufactured equipment of all types, sizes, ton ranges and uses from manufacturers, their distributors, and contractors for processing.     In the 20+ years Bronz-Glow has been providing its aftermarket service, we have never voided anyone’s factory warranty.    In most cases, we are recommended by manufacturers for the quality of our work and the quality of our coating.


Some of Bronz-Glow’s Factory Applied Coatings include clients such as U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), J.C. Penney ABC Liquors of Florida,  Georgia Pacific, International Paper, Bealls Department Stores, Winn-Dixie Supermarkets, Tyson Foods, Golden Flake Snack Foods, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Bloomer Chocolates, Tootsie Roll, Walgreens, Sweetbay Grocery Stores, Fast Food Franchise Owners, and many City Municipal Water Treatment Facilities, Ethanol Facilities, and Power Plants   They trust Bronz-Glow when it comes to protecting their valuable equipment.    Bronz-Glow is proud of our service to homeowners on a direct basis.  In recent years, homeowners have contacted us about problems such as Chinese Drywall, Dirty Socks Syndrome and Formicary Corrosion problems.   Frustrated and angry about getting answers and solutions, they commonly turn to Bronz-Glow.    Yes, Bronz-Glow has the answer for each of these problems.      We pride ourselves on being large enough to deal with big business, but small enough to help a homeowner.   


Our coatings protect equipment in virtually ANY corrosive environment, including salt air, salt spray, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, sulfuric acid, uric acid, nitric acid, ammonia, muriatic acid, citric acid, bromides and most other corrosive fumes.   If you are located within 10 miles of the coastline, we strongly recommend that you Bronz-Glow coat and protect your equipment from corrosion.   This simple step prevents increased energy usage and adds years to the life to your equipment.


Bronz-Glow’s facility is equipped and staffed to provide coating services for temperature control and refrigeration systems of all sizes and types, from window a/c units, residential and commercial split systems, rooftop units (RTUs), climate changers... even 420+ ton air-cooled chillers.  Bronz-Glow’s corrosion protection services include dip or spray coating coils and spray coating cabinets, blower assemblies, insulation and virtually all other system components.   Bronz-Glow's coating services are tailored to meet almost any coating specification, requirement or need.   Every project, whether In-House or Field-Processed by our Factory Trained Applicators, each piece of equipment is handled with care.  Each customer receives a:

• Written Warranty 
• Professionally Trained Coating Applicators 
• Competitive Pricing 
• Written Quotations 
• Prompt Courteous Service 
• Coating Maintenance Kit 
• 30 day workmanship warranty 
• Coils Coated in the field or in our factory, are Registered and Quality Assurance Inspected.    

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