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Bronz-Glow Technologies, Inc. Your Corrosion Solution Since 1984.

DIY Products 
(Do it yourself).

The listing shown below is Bronz-Glow’s Husky Brand Line of DIY Products.   Meaning you can do the work yourself.     We believe you can never substitute dip coating over spray coating, but economics dictates that alternatives be available.     If you click on the product name, it will take you to the product data sheet for this material.   As a commercial business, contractor, facility owner, facility maintenance personnel, AC technician, all of these products are available.   Purchase them through your nearest HVAC/R supply house.  If you can’t find them, contact us direct.   Some of the products are also available through distributors in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.    


Bronz-Glow’s DIY Products are sold in several different formats.  These formats include aerosol cans, canister coating system, metal gallons, plastic gallons, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.  




Husky Green Fin Kits:    A convenient and complete aerosol coil coating system in a single package.     This unique kit contains 1 can of solvent coil cleaner, 1 can of Husky Green Fin Primer, and 2 cans of our Husky Green Fin Protective Coating.       The aerosol kit is recommended for use on small tonnage equipment that does not exceed 2 rows of coil depth.    Easy as “ABC”, the application instructions are easy to read and included on each kit box, in both English and Spanish.   When properly applied, the kit will extend an AC or Refrigeration units useful life and assist in maintaining its designed efficiency.   Available in case lots of 4 kits per case; ½ pallet (30 cases) or full pallet (60 cases).  



Husky Green Fin Protector Aerosol, Husky Green Fin Primer, and Husky Green Fin Solvent Cleaner:   We offer supplemental aerosol cans of these products in case quantities.   There are times when you need just a bit more cleaner, primer and coil coating.   Some distributors carry individual cans of these three products, so if you feel you need a bit more product, its available.      All three products are sold in full case quantities as well.        



Husky Green Fin Protector:    Our Husky Green Fin Protector is available in several different formats for application use.      We have the Husky Green Fin Kit, individual aerosol cans, but we also offer Husky Green Fin in the new Canister Coating System as well as 5 gallon pails and 50 gallon drums.    This highly effective product is now available for small quantity users as well as those with larger needs.      All of these packaging options are available and they are normally in stocked for quick shipment.   Product can be applied using the Canister Coating System, pressure pot, siphon cup and HVLP spray systems.  



Component Coat:   Component Coat was specifically designed for the coating of HVAC/R components.   These components are normally manufactured of dissimilar metals and susceptible to corrosive attack.   It Effective on all types of components from TXV Valves, Filter Driers, Copper Tubing, Fan Blades, Blower Wheels, Tubing Insulation (fibrous and hi-density) as well as Ball Valves and Line Set Insulation to name a few.   Product is available in Clear or Platinum.   It is sold in aerosol form, canisters, gallons, pails and drums.   This multifaceted product can be brush, roll or spray applied.    


Evap Zap:   This specifically designed aerosol can with 6” spray nozzle is perfect for cleaning indoor evaporator coils.    There are other products on the market, but this product allows you to reach the nooks and crannies of a residential evaporator coil.   This product also helps to clean out the drain and can also be sprayed into the “P”-trap to remove growths that clog lines.   Evap Zap is a high foaming, self rinsing coil cleaner, which is easy to use and easy to apply.   



SPC:    Originally SPC was established as Special Protective Coating, but it also fits the bill as Steel, Pipe and Concrete.  Designed as a coating for HVAC/R cabinets, we soon found many more applications for this product.    At approximately 20 mils thick, the product is impermeable to moisture.   Therefore at this mil thickness can be used on cooling towers, tower sumps, as well as chiller heads and tube sheets.   This unique single component product saves time, money and energy compared to the high cost of other exotic industrial coatings.   Its flexible finish allows for expansion and contraction of underlying surfaces without compromising the finish.    SPC is available as a clear coating, so the identifying marks on a residential or commercial system are not affected.  Stickers and labels can be coated over, without affecting them.   SPC is also available in colors.  Bronz-Glow stock standard colors are a light gray and beige/sandstone color.    We have also manufactured and may have in stock a pulsating blue, white, and red, and even safety yellow or orange.   Product can be applied using aerosol cans, Canister Coating System, airless, pressure pot, and HVLP System.           

  Clear  - English | Spanish
Tinted - English | Spanish


Sea Coast Protector:  This is Bronz-Glow’s most economically priced product.   It is also on the lower end of quality when compared to Husky Blue Fin, Husky Green Fin and Husky Coil Coat as a coating for fin tube coils.   Sea Coast has been effectively used for basic salt air corrosion on both residential and commercial type equipment.     Sea Coast Protector is available the new Canister Coating System, gallons, 5 gallon pails and even 55 gallon drums.     Sea Coast’s color is an opaque blue, but is also available in clear and can be manufactured in different colors as a special order of 50 gallons or more.  



                 English | Spanish


Husky Blue Fin Protector:    This is Bronz-Glow’s newest product offering.   This product has been blended and formulated for ease of application.    Blue Fin is blue.     This highly effective product operates with the same physical characteristics as Husky Green Fin.        Product is presently available in 5 gallon pails only.


            English | Spanish



Husky Coil Guard and Husky Coil Sheen:   These are two of Bronz-Glow’s coil cleaning products.   They are the perfect recipe to an effective Preventative Maintenance Program for either Bronz-Glow coated coils or un-coated coils.  Our cleaners are biodegradable and environmentally safe.   The Husky Coil Guard is a surfactant coil cleaning system, meaning it breaks the bond of dirt and soil at fin surfaces and forces it away from the surface.   Husky Coil Sheen is a natural mineral acid, perfect for cleaning coils along sea coast environments, where alkaline salt deposits can occur.        


  Guard   -  English | Spanish
Sheen  -  English | Spanish


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