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Bronz-Glow Technologies, Inc. Your Corrosion Solution Since 1984.


About Us


Bronz-Glow Technologies provides warranted corrosion protection to Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems (HVAC/R) systems operating in moderate to severe corrosive environments. We’ve been providing our services since 1984. Bronz-Glow’s coating products and services are specified and utilized in every conceivable type of coastal environmental as well as the severest industrial environments. We are the preferred coating company for several Fortune 500 Companies, State, County, City and Federal Agencies including an impressive list of private companies and individuals.

Bronz-Glow’s proprietary coil and cabinet coatings are single-component products which provide complete pH Range (1.0 to 14.0) protection. These special coil coatings also offer less than ½ % affect on heat transfer, while exhibiting extraordinary tensile strength and flexibility. These coating materials will not crack, chip, powder or flake and can be easily repaired with an aerosol application if damaged or abraded. These features allow us to offer a 5-year coil recoating warranty.

All too often, protective coil coatings are dropped from projects because of time constraints and budget over-runs. In an effort to assist with these problems, we offer not only dip coating applications, but spray coating services. Some clients require field coating applications when coatings were forgotten on jobs or someone discovers the equipment is prematurely corroding.

Bronz-Glow can send out its factory trained technicians or we have use of a growing network of Bronz-Glow Certified Field Applicators across the country and around the world. As unique as Bronz-Glow has been, we support the DIY (do it yourself) market with coating products for those companies or individuals that prefer to do the coating work themselves.

Whatever the need, we will strive to assist in providing quality corrosion protection in a cost effective and timely basis. We at Bronz-Glow welcome the opportunity of assisting you in any manner on any current or future project.

Visit us on the web at www.bronz-glow.com or give us a call at 800-555-6385.

Bronz-Glow, Your Corrosion Solution!







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